Αliki Paros – Αliki Fish Tavern Restaurant!

All the customers from our studios, will receive 10% discount in their meals, in our restaurant!

In a beautiful and hospitable environment few metres from the known beach of Aliki is found the restaurant “Aliki”. Try the Greek kitchen and our fresh fishes that are fished by our family boat and are served straight in your dish. As familial restaurant we give accent in the quality, and in the creation of tasty enjoyments and we hope that the experience that you will have made you, visit us again and again.

The potatoes, the wine, the “suma”, the vegetables, the fruits, the ksynomitzithra cheese and the capers are all produced by us!

We handle events such as weddings, baptisms, e.t.c. We provide our services according to the highest standards so as to satisfy all the needs of our clients who, of course, expect that their event will be unforgettable and special.